Monday, April 14, 2008

Yes, it's that time again...I get Naked and everyone runs in terror! Eeeeek! (Good grief, I'm a dork.)

Today we're going to talk about my eyebrows. Why you ask? Because I said so. Ha! I have very thick eyebrows which I blame on my father. His are scary and resemble caterpillars on his face. My poor brother got them too. I held him down over Christmas and went at them with some tweezers to show him how easy they are to maintain. (And how it doesn't hurt THAT bad!) Why did I feel the need to tweeze my brother's face? Because no one did it to me and THIS is what they looked like until I was 26! Why?! Why did no one tell me?!

That's me in the middle, with scary eyebrows too big for my face and a ratty sweater that I wore every-freaking-where.

This is a closer with an old high school friend, Travis. He's married and if I remember correctly, has a kid. Makes me feel old. sigh.

Something else that's interesting about my eyebrows...not that any of this is interesting, but you're the one reading it...if you've gotten this far...and well, it's my blog and I'll talk about my eyebrows if I want to! (I've lost it, it's ok....deep breath...starting over.)

Anyway, I can do THIS....

It started as a defense mechanism when I was too flustered to have a smart ass reply. Now, it just happens without me being aware of it. I didn't even know that not everyone can raise only one eyebrow until someone commented on it a few years ago.

So, there you go. Me. Naked. Well, a little part of me, anyway.


  1. MP said...
    Your blog is being stupid today..I saw your post..then only twitter was on there..then your post came back. At least you didn't have a unibrow..right? They were very Brooke Shields..I don't pay enough attention to mine..They get manicured every 6 weeks or so..

    LOVE the camera..very cool. We'll have to do stupid stuff like take pictures of each other on Sunday.
    Word Perv said...
    I totally have a unibrow if I don't pluck. Totally my dad's fault also. But I'm German. We are a hairy people. ;)
    Melissa said...
    I wish I actually had eyebrows. I mean, ones that would grow a tiny bit thicker. Because mine are too thin. Thanks to mom. And growing them out? Gets me no where. Grrr....

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