Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weather in St. Louis

Early in the week, they predicted on thursday or friday we would have a combo of snow/rain, by wednesday, the snow had been eliminated.....last night they were predicting rain/snow today, sunday and of now, we get it tomorrow only...W.T.F?


  1. Kendra said...
    I know what you mean. We've been having snow/rain all morning here. I'm only about 3 hours west of ya.
    MP said...
    It's in the title..St Louis..

    Hey, we gonna go tomorrow after work?
    I said 6ish..cause I should be able to leave at 4:30..unlike today where i can't since my employee got arrested on the way to work.. Oh Yeah..I can't say anything on my blog since a coworker reads my blog..can you believe that..the thing is, she isn't the first coworker to get arrested on the way to work. ...deep breath..breath out..shake head..

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