Friday, April 18, 2008

We (in the southern IL/Eastern MO area) had an earthquake this morning, well, two if you count the aftershock (and, really, why not?). The original was around 4:30AM and the 2nd was a little after 10AM. Nothing really scary, a 5.2 and a 4.5, but pretty interesting for some that are earthquake virgins (as MP so eloquently put it). I had asked a friend to call me this morning to wake me up on her way to school and when I answered, she asked me if I felt the earthquake.

"Oh, that's what that was? I was really confused. I thought maybe a big truck had gone by but knowing the way I am, the whole thing could have been a dream, like the giant red spiders, but I remember the window rattling."

"No, you weren't dreaming, we really had an earthquake."

"Oh, well...neat, I guess."

Not more than a couple minutes after getting off the phone with her, the aftershock hit and I called her back in the middle of it.


"Yeah, it's doing it again. Angel's freaked out, and the bed is shaking like I just put quarters in it. I don't know whether to be alarmed or enjoy the ride." (Of course, it was over before I even finished the sentence.) "And, now the mice in the attic are freaking out."



We got off the phone and I called my Mom to make sure they were OK. (They live closer to the epicenter.) When my mom answered the phone, I asked her how everyone was doing, "Oh, you know, we're rockin' and a rollin'." (My Mom, ladies and gentlemen, this is where I get the bizarre sense of humor.)

"Did you feel the one this morning?"

"Yeah, it woke me up. I thought it was your brother running up and down the stairs, but it just kept going and going, so I looked at the clock and saw it was 4:30AM and thought, well, that can't be right. I figured it was an earthquake. But, then, it was over and I went back to sleep."

Basically, eh, nothing broke, we're good. Hee.

I called my brother a few minutes later to ask him a question and after talking for a couple of minutes, he asked, "Bri, this might sound stupid, but were there earthquakes this morning?"

lol"Yes, Jared, there were two."

"Oh, good, so I'm not crazy, then. I thought I might have been imagining things, but my lava lamp fell on me earlier. Just thought I'd check." That's my brother.

So, the whole morning has been pretty interesting and amusing, but I've got to go wash some dishes. I'm expecting the landlord later about the mice I mentioned earlier. I don't want him to realize how much of a slob I am.

Note: There are no mice in my apartment, just in the building. I've been hearing noises in the ceiling for a while now, but I have a cat, so none have actually invaded my space. (And yes, I know that just because I don't see them doesn't mean they aren't there. I inspected my apartment for "evidence", no poop to be found means no mice.) So, the fact that I haven't done my dishes in a while does not mean that I am responsible for the rodent invasion. If I had to point a finger, I would have to guess it is the ghetto neighbors causing the issue, if it is something we have done and not just the natural way of things. I didn't live here at this time last year, so I don't know.


  1. MP said...
    That was kind of exciting wasn't it!

    Google email isn't working for if there is anything that I need to know then call still have my number..

    I have yours but it's on the fricking google browser keeps saying it can't display..what is up with that?

    I'm going to acutally get the curling iron out for Sunday..Bossy's hair always looks so darn cute, and there is a chance that she'll post a group shot of us..
    I am going to go to our Target too and get nametags..and a sharpie..cause I'm going to forget who these women are..I think we should put our names and blogs on the tags. I did email the place earlier this week to see if we needed reservations and no one emailed me back...oh well.

    J cracked me up though..w/ that 2nd Earthquake he was on the phone telling me it was worse than the first one..I think that is just cause you knew right away what it was.. supposed to be aftershocks for 2 days.

    Young, cute single guy in the office was screaming had to be there...

    I think I have your mom's sense of humor post was called Shake Rattle and Roll.. snark..

    OK, it's 4:07 I get to leave at 4:30ish I guess. J and I might go see 21 tonight..I also have a hankering for Chris's Pancake House...we'll see.

    If you don't call me I will see you Sunday at 5pm at the bar..I'll be the one that looks like my pictures except shorter
    MP said...
    I know..I must twitter that is so cool..
    I made our picture black and white cause my face looked too red...
    Dolce said...
    The earthquake scared the bajeezus out of me. I didn't feel the second one though, I was a little disappointed!

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