Monday, April 28, 2008

Over the last 10 weeks, you've been privy to some of the weird things about my personality that make me...uh, me. Tonight is no exception.

The following is a photo of the products I use after a shower in the same order, in the same way, every. single. day.

So, what do we have here? (And are you bored yet?) First, hair product, Biosilk silk therapy, then lotion, using a a daily moisturizer with self tanner for a subtle glow, then eye cream for the dark under eye circles (a constant battle), then face moisturizer with spf, tweezers to tame the eyebrows, and the tiny bit of makeup I wear every day; concealer (again with the under eye circles), mary kate and ashley sparkling powder to brighten the eyes and lash discovery mascara with the tiny brush. After all that, Dove Antiperspirant/Deodorant which sits on my bedside table.

Why am I sharing this utterly boring part of my day as a Naked Monday? Because to truly understand the crazy mind of Bri, you need to understand my neuroses. I am easily distracted. I need strictly regimented routine to prevent this inner dialogue, "Wait, did I wash my hair? It's wet. Did I wash it or just condition?" I always, ALWAYS check my pits before leaving the house. I don't want to talk about the number of times I've forgotten deodorant. But, if I follow a routine and use the same number of products in the same order EVERY day, I start the day ok, and not as a frazzled mess. In many things, I have to be organized so that I don't lose my mind.

Scared yet? ;)
So, that's least a small part of me.


  1. MP said... scare me very much :-)

    I have a routine too..but it's not working. My hair is longer and I need to do something so by 9am it doesn't look like I need to brush and rewash it. So what is the deal w/ the biosilk..tames?? You lovin it? That is the PW stuff right?

    I LOVE Oil of Olay!!
    BOSSY said...
    If Bossy did all that she would lose the precious hours until her next shower.
    BOSSY said...
    PS of course, look at Bossy - her lack of routine shows.
    MP said...
    OK...I tried the hair therapy stuff was $15..that other shit was $25!! OMG...
    I think I need a trim...
    Tempered Woman said...
    uhm~ not to scare you but I do the exact same thing. I even have my shower stuff organized so I don't forget. I skip the makeup usually but I have all my meds and vitamins lined up in the cabinet. And we have the same face lotion, deodorant and tweezers in our line-up. Ok, maybe you should be scurred.

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