Monday, May 12, 2008

This Naked Monday, I thought I would go back to where the Naked posts started. I need a little break from baring my soul and thought I would bare a bit of my body. Sorry, no naughty bits. I'm talking about tattoos today. Mine and others'. (especially if I have a photo or know where to find it) Here we go, let's get naked! First up is mine....

This is him, from the vantage point that I see him every day. And every day, he makes me smile. (yes, I think of my tattoo as a him. I don't know.)

This is my friend Dan's tattoo to honor his hometown of Chicago. He's a Bears fan. I don't know. Weirdo.

This is Kelly's Daughter, Mallory's tattoo. It says "life is but a dream". There is an adorable story involved, but my favorite part is that the tattoo is in Kelly's handwriting and honors a memory that the two of them share.

Some of my favorite bloggers also have tattoos.

Click here to see Oh My Stinkin Heck's tattoo on Flickr.

Redneck Mommy is a fan of tattoos. She was kind enough to comment when I got mine.

Try searching for tattoo on's interesting...and a little scary. (watch out, nudity ahead..not mine! sicko.)

So, I have a question for you have a tattoo? Or always wanted one? Are afraid of getting one? Discuss.

So, there I am Naked, at least a small part of me.

(and him, and him, oh, and her)


  1. Kendra said...
    I've wanted one for a LONG time. As a kid I was told it was a sin to get a tattoo - after growing up and mellowing (not just me, my mother too) I'm in the process of working up my own. I'm hoping to get it soon - for my birthday would be cool. My first one will be a Scots Gaelic phrase that translated says "Remember those from whom you come" then I'll get my celtic knot sometime after that :)

    But I'm scared as heck - I don't handle pain well, lol.
    Raquita said...
    I wanted one bad (did I tell you about the pooh tattoo right?) and now that we are adults my mom wants us to both get one -but my husband loves that I'm naked on the tattoo front so who knows if it will ever happen
    Angela said...
    I have Georgia O'Keefe's hands tattooed on my ankle, and now that I'm pushing 40, I'm not so sure I still want Georgia's hands on me. Since removal is really sort of pricey, I suppose I should learn to love it again.
    MP said...
    Never thought about it seriously. I've watched my friends get them..backs, ankles, fronts, shoulders etc.
    Now that I'm over 40 and I see gravity on every part of my skin..I think NO way. I look at women w/ vivable tattoos..sleeves, calves..and wonder how it will look when they are 60..

    The other reason I would never get one is that there is nothing I love enough to get inked on me.

    I love your cat..that is tre cool..and Kelly's daughters on her foot..BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    I just have never felt it..and never wanted to just get Tigger, Pooh, Tweety, MOM, a know the classics.
    MP said...
    PS..I love the new header, did I tell you that?
    Tempered Woman said...
    hmm, did i mention this that night? I can't remember. bwahahaha
    Me and both of my sisters all got the same tattoo on our back just under our neck. Dad doesn't give us cash for Christmas anymore.

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