Sunday, June 15, 2008

More Favorite Things

More stuff in my apartment, yay! This is the second installment of My favorite Things, you can find last week's post on the left side of your screen. These are just some of my favorite things that have been sitting around my apartment, many of them I have had for years and my apartment wouldn't be a home without them.

The blue chair which has been my background for many pictures lately. Years and years ago, I helped a friend move....she had a shopping problem...a vintage furniture shopping problem. Her attic was a treasure trove of fabulous furnishings. This was her thank you for my help. My boyfriend at the time refused to let me bring it home, insisting that we had no room for more furniture, even free furniture. Spoilsport. We broke up less than a year later. We didn't break up over this chair, but I think it illustrates the differences between us. I asked my mom to take it back to her house, where my brother enjoyed it until I moved into my own apartment, with my own furniture, chosen by me. We've been together ever since. Love me, love my chair.

I've had this candle longer than the chair. I love candles, even candles that I would never light. This little guy is the only vaguely religious symbol you will find in my home. I haven't been able to find another that I like so much, but I'm always on the look out for a fat, happy Buddha. They make me smile. I bought it in a store at a local mall that no longer exists, but I did find one similar here.

These are a small part of my collection of glass. My St. Louis apartment has these window sills built into the wall that make a perfect display shelf for all things that need to be protected from the cat. I've been picking up pieces here and there for years, different shapes and sizes and colors...just ones that draw my attention. (cheap helps, too) I picked up the red and blue ones at an auction, the green one was a gift.

This is just one of the many things I love about my apartment. Growing up in a 100 year old farm house, I've been surrounded by old things my entire life. All those little old world details mean home to me, so imagine my delight when I saw these doorknobs in my apartment. I'll probably always be drawn to old things, whether it's furniture, glass, or just the tiny details like a doorknob. They are just some of my favorite things that make my place, my home.


  1. sonrie said...
    I also have very lovely cut glass doorknobs.
    Sandy said...
    Those are some of my fave things about STL apts: Stained glass windows w/ big ledges, and glass doorknobs. My other faves are French doors and archways.
    Anonymous said...
    I have the doornobs, stain glass..archways..LUV that but not the old pipes and old electric.. :-( That becomes a bummer when you are an owner.

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