Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Day in Bullets

  • pretty sure my neighbor stole food out of my grocery bags right off my front porch
  • went to a meeting of the St. Louis Bloggers Guild this morning
  • I joined, though I haven't put the badge up, yet
  • I was hungover
  • I don't think anyone noticed
  • I had been out the night before celebrating a coworker's new job
  • Her brother tried to impress me by buying me shots
  • Vodka is bad for me
  • So is Red Bull
  • Did I say that vodka is bad for me?
  • Good
  • It bears repeating a few more times
  • I had fun and hadn't expected to
  • I paid for it today
  • Naps are good
  • Vodka is bad
  • I now have hot dogs buns but no hot dogs
  • I find that really annoying
  • starts out good and ends weird


  1. KBO said...
    I noticed.

    I kid! Glad you joined the Guild.
    Dana said...
    Totally didn't notice. You make hungover look easy!

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