Thursday, June 12, 2008

When I heard that BlogHer and GE were offering us the chance to win $1000 and all we had to do was try a new product and tell them what we thought, I knew that this was the contest for me. I am all about giving my opinion. (whether you want it or not most days) In this case, GE asked us to try out their new product, Caulk Singles.

What you may not know is that I have a little experience using caulk...and failing miserably at the task, which is evident by the above photo. Now, don't judge, it was my first attempt. No laughing, that comes later. I sent off for my free sample and waited very patiently for it to arrive. (Hey, I was TOO patient!)

And, then, Monday! It arrived!! (See? Scrunched box and all!)
There are three varieties; waterproof silicone in white and clear, and the paintable acrylic that showed up at my door.

First! The job! This is my bathroom floor. See the crevice between where the tile ends and where the tub begins? No?

How's that? Better? Be glad you can't smell this photo, because I have a little secret. The problem with this crevice isn't its existence, but what is in it. You see, I have a cat. The cat and I share a bathroom. That's right, the litterbox is just inside the bathroom door. And for those of you who have a cat, you know that if said cat is unsatisfied with the state of the litterbox or just the state of the universe, a cat will show that displeasure by....well, peeing on things. My particular cat, likes to pee in this corner. That's right, the crevice is full of PEE. Say it with me now! EEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!! I've tried cleaning it, over and over with little success.
GE Caulk Singles to the rescue!!!

First, let's back away. Whew! I feel better. Don't you feel better?

Next! Directions!

Hmmm, okay, seems pretty simple.

Step One!
Clean the area! Because of the eww factor, I decided to use bleach. Neato, it fizzed. Chemical reaction, cool. (Yes, I did say that out loud. I am a giant dork.)

Now, scrub!

And scrub some more!

Rinse and wipe dry

Much better! Now, go sit down, because your head is spinning from the bleach smell.
Note: You may or may not know that bleach can have a bad reaction to just about any other cleaning agent, which is why you NEVER mix bleach with another cleaner. What I did not realize is that cleaning product must have been hiding in the crevice and the resulting fumes gave me a nasty headache. Bleach hangover! Wheee! Learn from my mistakes!

Next afternoon and time to caulk! Much easier than caulk I used last time, it smoothed on easy as pie. (Where did that expression come from? Pie is NOT easy!)

Action shot!

Smoothing the bead with a finger...

.....or two.

Used a damp paper towel to clean up the edges....

Tada! All done! Beautiful!
Now, at least, when my cat decides to show me her vast displeasure, I'll have easy clean-up. :)
Thanks Blogher and GE!


  1. lizriz said...
    Nice job! I did my sink, but I'm totally dying to do my bathtub now.
    moosh in indy. said...
    My tub is not talking to my sink. It's jealous.
    Anonymous said...
    That looked pretty easy, you wanna come over and clean and caulk my bathroom?

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