Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July Photography

My friend asked me to take pictures of her cousin's children at the BBQ and since I am the camera junky, I happily agreed. By the end of the afternoon, everyone was looking at me could have been the growth coming out of my face. ;)
These are some of my favorites that I brightened up a bit with photoshop, I finally getting the hang of sharpening the eyes. ;)

This is Taylor, the baby, and her baby. She is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

This is Christi, another cousin, and Michael, one of the children I was trying to pin down. He wasn't exactly helpful. Cute, but not helpful. ;)

Taylor again. Remember what I said about the cutest thing ever?

Taylor and Michael, splashing

She's a ham, that one.

Her sister Chloe, having a swim

The oldest sibling, Riley
I had to specifically ask for a smile with teeth.
He was a good sport, though.

Chloe again

Nonnie and her patriotic hair.
She starts high school in the fall and can't wait.

This is Nina.
A sweet dog owned by the most obnoxious person I know.
I'm not exaggerating. At all.

Susie and Eric

Michael again
Most of the pics I was able to get of him were with a long range lens. He wasn't looking in my direction so I asked for someone to call his name. Doesn't look too happy, does he? ;)

He still has no idea I'm taking his photo.

They look like little army men on a zip line, don't they?

The other Chloe
Not sure how two cousins managed to both name their daughters Chloe

Nonnie makes a great older cousin,
jokingly feeding Michael his mac and cheese

farm stand I spotted while sitting in the car


  1. Gregg said...
    Nice job! I particullarly like the clothespin picture and the pics of "Michael" looking surly. Those will be great ammunition to use on him later in life, too.

    Some of my friends have started calling me the "Paparazzi" due to the number of pictures I take. I'm still not too good at portraits, though, but I'm trying!
    Missy said...
    Great photos! I like the clothespin one as well, and Taylor is the cutest thing.

    Some mates of mine have cousins named Taylor and Tayler. I don't get how it happens.
    Anonymous said...
    Very nice pics..and I like your little under the arch thingy. The kids were cute and OMG that little doggie..puppy wuppy..sweetums..
    OK, I'm better now.

    It's a shame it wasn't hotter on the 4th for that today..

    PS..the clothes pins were great!
    Kelley said...
    Those pics are great. Funny that my favourites are those of Michael?

    Oh and the clothespins! They are great!
    Sarah said...
    haha in their defense jason lived on the opposite side of the country when Chloe was born and didnt mention the name til she was born.
    Christi however picked the name out the day she found out she was preggers.. the girls were born2 months apart

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