Saturday, August 30, 2008

There were I'm sure of it! No Fashion Forward Fridays this week. ;( What I had planned didn't work out and I volunteered/was asked to write some stuff for the lovely ladies at Blissfully Domestic. (Don't worry, it's about photography, the idea of me and the words "blissfully domestic" together cracks me up, you have no idea.) I'll let you know when that happens, they are planning a big relaunch soon. (I also promise that I won't fill my posts with "go here, I'm over here".K?) I'm excited, though, it's a new adventure and I DO hope that you'll check it out, you might find some other people you like. (We already know you like ME!)

Another thing happening this weekend is that I volunteered for Her Bad Mother's Bitchfest, which is a sort of blog post exchange over the holiday weekend so that some bloggers can get anything they might be feeling off their chest in an anonymous way. I knew y'all would be supportive, so I told Catherine I would be happy to host someone here. Her post should be up sometime this weekend, I'll twitter when it's ready.

Lastly, I hope everyone has a nice long weekend, this last official weekend of summer! I'm going to visit family for a family reunion, going to snuggle a baby and harass my nephew with a camera. (I may be coming back home with a car! Not sure yet, fingers crossed! I'm sure everyone will be relieved that I'll stop bitching about the bus.)

I'll leave you with some of the photos I uploaded this week from San Francisco:wine glasses



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  1. Anonymous said...
    Did that domestic site go away and come back or something?

    I need to go through all your flikr pics

    I don't know where time is going either..damn 3 day weekends :-)

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