Monday, October 13, 2008

Every once in a while I get a wild hair to move furniture and completely rearrange my apartment. And since doing such makes everything worse before it gets better, my apartment is messier than normal, war zone comes to mind. ;) The vacuum has been running, the cat is traumatized, and my bed is now on the other side of the room. (The same place I put it when I moved into the apartment last summer.*rolling eyes*) Why do I do this? It's like I'm nesting or something, but I've done it countless times since childhood, like if I move this piece of furniture or maybe that one, the room will suddenly seem bigger or flow better. Or maybe I really am just trying to make room for my shoes. ;) Since you saw my kitchen a couple of weeks ago, and I spent all that time arranging and rearranging furniture today, and y'all are nosy, I thought I'd show you what my bedroom looks like.


From the doorway...


From sitting on the bed.....


Most of my heels.....


Flats hanging on the back of my closet door. (It's a teeny tiny closet, which is why I have a clothing rack for dresses and pants.)


I'm still not completely done, there are photos that have been sitting in a box that need to be hung on the wall and two more of those frames for my jewelry. (I'll tell you about those later.) Oh, and the other window needs curtains now that the bed isn't up against it. A few odds and ends though, and I can move on to the living room, I have this really neat idea for the coffee table, but I'm making myself finish cleaning up the mess I made before I do that. My life. Fascinating, isn't it? ;)


  1. Nathan said...
    The pictures of your apartment are giving me anxiety attacks. I think that if your apartment and my condo ever collided, the universe would be destroyed in one of those matter-antimatter reactions. We should probably try not to let that happen. Also, cute cat :)
    Anonymous said...
    That's a lot of shoes.. Mine are in a basket..well 2 baskets, and a drawer. Umm
    Boomeyers said...
    Your kitty looks just like my kitty! Maybe they are related, we're from St. Louis too. (Okay, St. Charles!)
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shoes!!

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