Monday, October 27, 2008

A few months ago, my sister called me with a question. She was putting her affairs in order and making out a will. She asked me if I would be my nephew's guardian in case something happened to her. Not because I was the most logical choice, but because I have a couple of personality traits that make me perfect for the job.

hayden in the van

I come from a small town and one of the very CHARMING traits of small town life is the WWTNT disorder or "What Will The Neighbors Think?". I can't count the number of times I heard that question or something to that effect throughout my childhood and I grew to hate the idea of allowing the possibility of what people may think to dictate my actions. (Typical teenager. "But MOOoom!") The difference between then and now is an even stronger sense of self, which includes an independent streak and a deep well of stubbornness. The stubbornness is what comes in handy in this case. As awesome as my parents are, they suffer from WWTNT and in my nephew's situation, that could be troublesome. My sister knows that she can count on me to do what I think is right, not just seek to make everyone happy. Being a stubborn bitch when needed can come in handy. ;) Basically I would fight anyone who stood in my way to keep the little brat safe and happy....

crinkle brow

just the way we like him. ;)


  1. adnan said...
    Wow. A nice girl. In my opinion your are a perfectionist girl, isn't it? Your sister&nephew are lucky. I can't imagine if (for example) I hurt your nephew, something bad will happen to me. well a nice blog. creative&fun. nice to visit your blog. just keep in write, sweet girl...:)
    noexcuses said...
    Hi. I first saw your "Faerie" blog! I love them, too! What a wonderful tribute. I want to get the movie!

    I also live close to the Arch. I look forward to coming back and reading your previous posts.

    You are wonderful writer.
    Simon said...
    Weird coincidence - just yesterday we had a meeting with a lawyer regarding our will, and started to think about who we'd entrust our girls to in case anything ever happened to us.
    I guess if you're already doing it for your sister, I'll have to think of someone else...;-)
    Rachel said...
    I would prefer to have you as well.
    Word Perv said...
    I applaud you. I too don't give a fuck what my neighbors think. In fact, I'm quite certain they think I'm a slut because of the string of men who leave my house in the morning as I head off to the office. Little to they know that I have a guest room and a large number of male friends. Of course a couple haven't been "only friends", but really, I don't care what they think! and I'm glad you're of the same mind!! ;)

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