Thursday, May 28, 2009

Since you heard from me last, I’ve moved in to the new apartment, bought a new computer…now if I could just find my lightroom software. ;)













This is what I’ve been doing mostly, experimenting with my camera…this lovely lady popped up in my backyard. I love extreme close-ups. ;)













This is Will, my best friend/housemate. He would KILL me if he knew I posted this, so it of course gives me great pleasure to know that he doesn’t read my blog.













This little guy flirted shamelessly with me for most of a baseball game I went to with my friend, Johnna.













I don’t know what this is, a plant of some sort that caught my eye at the zoo.















The fence around Missouri Botanical Gardens… which reminds me.


List of all the places around St. Louis that I HAVE to visit this summer

  1. Botanical Gardens
  2. City Museum
  3. Meramec Caverns
  4. some sort of floating, canoeing campground
  5. Sculpture park that I can’t remember the name of
  6. Six Flags
  7. Art Museum
  8. History Museum


  1. Sandy said...
    #5: Laumeier. This summer I'm discovering that I HATE local attractions! I'm having your bizarro summer. Though I am going to Johnson's Shut-Ins.
    Raquita said...
    If you would contact me I would really appreciate it. I really need to repace the equiptment I loaned you...
    Gregg said...
    I like the close-ups, too. In fact, I had saved up for a macro lens for my Nikon, but had to use the money for something else! BLAH.

    Most of the places you listed are my favorite photo spots in STL, though I take MOST in my own backyard. I'm hundreds and hundreds behind on posting, but if you go to my site and sort on the tag "Photo of the Day" you can see what I've been doing.

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