Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another cat entry....

While most of the time my cat Angel looks like this, occasionally she will find a piece of rolled up masking tape or aluminum foil and bring it to me all excited like she had just found the kitty holy grail. Then, she will refuse to leave me alone unless I throw it across the room for her to fetch. Repeatedly. That's right, my cat likes to play fetch. Don't get me wrong, this is not how dogs play fetch. This game is not in any way to please me, or for my enjoyment. Oh no, this is all about her. I am her personal thrower of the thing to pounce on. Why would she want to bat it across the floor when I can do it? This goes on until she drops from exhaustion or I get tired of playing and "lose" it. (oh, noes! where it go?!) She really likes to play this game when there are lots of people over. (Just a warning. If I throw it for her when she is sitting on your lap so that she claws your leg trying to get to it? Yeah, I did that on purpose. hee.)


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