Monday, January 28, 2008

Quick update....

My window is fixed. A really nice man at McMahahon Ford coordinated between me and their glass guy, calling back and forth to make sure he could help me, even though I called right before closing. The whole thing was relatively painless, not something I usually associate with car repair places. (What is it about men that work on cars? Do they not realize that we can tell when they are screwing with us? No, I don't have a penis, that doesn't make me a complete idiot. Ass. That's why I will never go to Midas again.) Anyway, I have another car stereo that has a removable faceplate, but I have to rewire it to work in this car.

Also, I finished Dan's hat and he LOVES it. He requested another in Bears colors. (He has this "great" idea where I make scarves and hats for him to sell to his fellow army men while overseas. Uh, that would be a no. I might make one for Coleslaw, though, if he can figure out where to send it. Hee.)

The finished product. I was planning to take a pic of Dan in the hat, but I completely forgot when I saw him a few days ago, so this truly terrible one of me in it will have to do until I can pin him down again. It turned out really well for my first effort, so now it's back to the three scarves I've got going and a hat for myself.


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