Sunday, March 30, 2008

If you are following my twitter, you may have noticed that I went out to my car this afternoon to run some errands, only to discover that my battery was dead. I was at a complete loss to figure out what had happened and was mentally planning how to get to class the next day, when I looked down and saw that my headlights were still on, and had been on for several hours. It's unbelievable the stupid shit I will do when half asleep. (don't even get me started on the day I couldn't find my keys and finally found them in the deadbolt on the OUTSIDE of my front door, where that had been all day)

Well that explains things......

I tried Amy, the girl with the giant dog, and though she didn't have any jumper cables, she suggested we try Kelly, who lives in the apartment beneath her. I'll spare you the details of how we got my car going again, but I will tell you that the logistics of doing so on a one way street is pretty interesting. I just have to say that I'm glad that I have such friendly and helpful women living in my building.

After we got it going and I drove it around a bit to give it time to charge up, I came back to find them still on the porch, talking. Amy had heard her clothes washer going this afternoon and assumed that Kelly was using it. (they had a sort of agreement that Kelly was free to use it when Amy wasn't) But, when Amy asked if she was almost done, Kelly thought Amy was doing laundry. The ghetto neighbors strike again! After I got wise to their nonsense, I made sure that something was always in my washer so that they couldn't use it. Rather than being adults about it and, I don't know, going to a laundrymat (or ASKING my permission to use the appliances I had paid for), they started using Amy's. We started discussing all the crap they have done lately, (including leaving the back door unlocked!) and debating what to do about it. We didn't make any decisions, but at least now we all have a better idea about what's going on.

I love my apartment, and the girls are awesome, but all it takes is one idiot to ruin it for everyone. Fuckers.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I too have left my deadbolt in the outside of the door. Luckily a nice neighbor knocked on my door and told me. Apartments are always an interesting mix of the helpful and the crazy assholes.
    Anonymous said...
    Hey, came over from MP. I have a friend up in St. Louis area. She's a teacher.

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