Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I forgot Naked Monday! Sorry about that , I had a nasty headache and went to bed early. Naked Mondays will return next week, I promise.

I realized today that I'm going to have to eventually come up with other ways to be naked for you without exposing any naughty bits. Hmm, maybe you would like to see the hair bunnies under my bed? No? Humph! Well, I'll think of something, I guess.

Here's some updates on my life since I know that you're dying to know!

I heard from my friend Dan, he's fine and managed to survive his first few seconds in Afghanistan. (He would often tell me that the average life expectancy for his job is 9 seconds or something. Yes, he's an ass.) Since my life is often terribly boring and he promised to email updates, I'll pass along any non-sensitive information I get.

The Bunny job ended the day before Easter and I start a new one tomorrow at the same mall. I was looking for something part time so that I could start substitute teaching and one of my favorite stores was hiring. Forever 21 called me back, I had the interview monday and orientation is tomorrow. It won't be much money, but helllooo employee discount! Hopefully everything will work out, keeping my fingers crossed.

My blogging friend MP is going to Aruba (lucky bitch lol) and I offered to guest post. I'll put a little reminder over here when I do.

The spring cleaning is going well, I sorted out a ton of clothes for good will, and I'm even getting rid of shoes and books, believe it or not. I also threw out a bunch of craft stuff that I keep hanging on to and I hung up pictures! I also hung up an old window frame that I've had for years. I found it in my parents' barn, painted it and intended on hanging it on a wall, but never did. It's been in storage in three apartments, but now it's on a wall!

Some pictures I've taken recently....

Hayden, my nephew, at the Galleria a couple of weekends ago.

That's me in the bunny suit.

Angel was tired of me knitting and refused to get off this hat I was making.

The pictures I put up and the window frame that used four picture hangers to get up there.


  1. MP said...
    I LOVE LOVE that frame..and it's very cool that your family has a barn.
    Same bunny suit at the Galleria..Yep I was doing that loud whisper...BRI..BRI

    To answer your question from my blog.. No, I don't have Twitter..do I need to?
    Anonymous said...
    I love the window frame! Also, the Easter Bunny at the mall I went to (Mid Rivers) was WAY creepy. Your picture doesn't look creepy--so good job!
    cadiz12 said...
    good to hear Dan is doing all right and that you've cleared some room for all the clothes you're going to get a forever 21. that window frame looks great!

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