Tuesday, April 22, 2008

After being a nervous twit about it for several days (one of my frustrated friends yelled at me over the phone, "Yeesh, it's not a date!!) I left my apartment in a new top and heeled sandals to meet MP at The Chocolate Bar in Lafayette Square. I had looked up the address from the website and studied the map (I have a ridiculous ability to "see" maps. It's weird and I don't know how to explain it, but I was a pizza delivery driver for a while and I rocked at it.), but I neglected to write down the number, so I knew that if I took a certain exit and went down two blocks and turned on Park, it would be there before I hit the park. BUT, for some reason I thought it was on the left, rather than the right, so I passed it and didn't see it. So, I knew I was in the right place, I parked and walked, figuring it would be easier to see on foot. MP called as I was walking and she waved me down from the door. We hugged and giggled, because how else do you greet someone you've been talking to for months but had never actually met in person? ;)

She had already spoken to the staff, who other than giving us a couple of odd looks, were very helpful as people trickled in and struggled to explain the group they were looking for. lol


MP and I decided to get started with the drinking (and yes, I downloaded the menu at home, so I would be able to pick what I was going to order. am. FREAK.) and ordered a couple of chocolate martinis. And, as I said last night, took pictures before we even tasted them. Hee. They were delicious, but we'd barely even started when BOSSY arrived with her host, Tempered Woman.


Let me tell you, Bossy really is as gorgeous as she looks online, maybe more. She was so funny and just natural to be around, I would NEVER have been able to do what she has done, travel around meeting strangers every day, I thought I was going have a nervous breakdown and I didn't even have to drive, but for a few miles. We all settled in at a back table on their patio and just chatted like we had all known each other for years.

Over the next few hours, I met Angie from Fluid Pudding, Raquita from WOBL in Training(wise old black woman, how funny is that?!), Heather from Three Boys and Me, MP from My Second Journal, Sonrie from 1017, Jenny from Mommymae (it turns out that Jenny and I went to high school together in Southern Illinois, though we didn't know each other), Kelly from Mocha Momma, her daughter, Mallory, Tempered Woman, and her sister. (I can't remember her name at the moment, she doesn't have a blog and for a while, we were calling her Dooce.)

Everyone but Jenny, who arrived later

Bossy, Mallory, and Kelly

Conversation was fast and furious as we chatted about, I swear, everything under the sun. I found myself telling Heather and Raquita about my clothing woes and at one point, we all talked about my eyebrows, again.

Raquita and Heather

We discussed politics and Barack Oboyfriend, and our encounters with Bill Clinton (three of us had actually met him). We argued about education and the St. Louis city school district. Photography and cameras were dissected and lusted after. Bossy suggested that I look for a used Nikon D70 rather than shelling out for the new D40, and it was like, duh, why didn't I think of that?
Proof that I really did drink a beer, and my only photo of Jenny
(not sure how that happened)

BlogHer was brought up, past sessions, and who was planning on going this year to San Fran. Angie confessed to drinking her breast milk in the hotel room last year in Chicago and we all learned Bossy's middle name! As she put it, her parents were hippies, and that's all I'll reveal. As we all loosened up, (some more than others) I realized that I've made a real connection with a truly amazing group of women that I would never have met without the help of Bossy. THANK YOU, BOSSY!!!!!

Angie, Sonrie, and Tempered Woman's sister

With a short bit about The Chocolate Bar, I'll end this longer than normal post. Yay you, if you've made it this far!!!

Even sitting on the patio with this group of rowdy women, the service was quite good, prompt and attentive. Food and drinks were prettily served and the tables set with candles and flowers felt fancy and lovely.

the table

More expensive than a casual night out would warrant, it's perfect for a special date or birthday celebration. The cheese plates were amazing and the drinks strong, I certainly felt like I got my moneys worth. My only complaint? The bathrooms, while completely charming and nicely appointed, are down a set of steep stairs and the bathrooms are unisex, so not marked with ladies or gentlemen. While it is probably more convenient that way, my inebriated self had the worst time figuring out which door to choose. ;)

My inebriated self in the bathroom mirror

I love this vanity!

To sum up....had a great time....food and drinks were good....company was excellent.

If you haven't already, please visit everyone else's blogs!!!!


  1. MP said...
    I have to tell you something..I'm going to DM you cause I love twitter now and I hate you..but not really..you know what I mean...

    Great recap! Photos are great!
    Heather said...
    I never get tired of reading about our night. It was fantastic.
    Tempered Woman said...
    BWAHAhahahahahahah~ you took pics of the bathroom! You are so funny.
    Good memory for a lush. ;-)
    I totally read your eyebrow post the very next day cause we were talking about it. Too funny, right?
    Simon said...
    Good cheese plates, you say? I'm on my way.

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