Monday, April 7, 2008

I was having a bad day Thursday and I went to the mall for a little pick-me-up (shaddup). I was wandering around a bookstore trying to find something, anything interesting when I remembered that some blogs that I read had mentioned this series of books that was seriously addictive. Since I am such a voracious reader, I am always looking for new authors to obsess over. Ok, problem. I could remember the general plotline of the first book. I could remember that it was known as a series and were referred to as the....something. Dammit. The author? Nope. The name of any of the books? Nope. The blogs who had mentioned reading and liking them? Not. a. clue. By today, I was seriously stressed out that I couldn't figure it out and was ready to make an ass out of myself by explaining here what I had remembered and BEGGING one of my readers to HELP ME! Thankfully, I used the truly scientific method of starting at the bottom of my reader and scanning each blog back a few weeks until I found what I was looking for.....violia!!! I found a mention of the series on OMSH's page here. And though I know at least one other blogger in the last few weeks has also mentioned it, I didn't feel like pressing my luck. I went to armed with the title of the latest book and wrote down the entire list. And, since, the idea of making an ass out of myself doesn't faze me, I shared the whole ugly truth with the internet because I still have a question for you....what do you read? What authors make you grind your teeth and rend your clothing in agony because the waiting is just. too. hard? Help me out, people. Feed my habit.

Update: Kendra kindly pointed out in the comments that I didn't tell you the series I was talking about! Oops! It's the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.


  1. MP said...
    OK...first off HAPPY BIRTHDAY>>>>>> belated. And thanks for all you guest blogging..looks like you guys had fun!

    I get so lost in my books...I have that reader thing on my sidebar w/ a bunch of great books..
    Kendra said...
    Ok...What is the series??? You had me holding my breath waiting to find out...and I'm turning purple here!!

    Second: Deanna Raybourn, Diana Gabaldon, Ayn Rand...well, crap...the mind just went blank. If I think of more I'll be back :)
    Jan said...
    Whatever Jodi Piccoult writes....I will read. While not her newest MY SISTERS KEEPER is the best. I also plan to check out the Outlander series.

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