Monday, April 7, 2008

Naked Mondays # 7

Yaaaay! It's Naked Monday!

Today, we are going to take a peek into my psyche. Prepare yourself, this could get messy.

Guess what I had for lunch? I went to Noodles & Company. Why does that give you a peek into my psyche? Excellent question.

I have serious issues with food. You may or may not remember my gag reflex problem, which I told you about here.
I am also an extremely picky eater. I go to great lengths to hide this from people because though I know many people are picky about food, it seems like such a childish thing and I hate admitting it. I will scan a restaurant menu for an item that needs the least amount of altering so as not to be difficult. (I've been a waitress. I know how much that sucks.) Now, it's been a long time since I ate nothing but peanut butter, but eating at a new restaurant is always nerve-wracking. What if I can't find anything to eat on the menu? What if I don't like what I ordered? I stress about this sort of thing. (You see how this is messy?)

So. I went to Noodles today so that I could try something on the menu and make sure I would be ok when MP and I meet there. I had the Wisconsin Mac and Cheese with Parmasean Crusted Chicken on top. Nummy! Noodles and me? We're good.

So, there you go. Me naked. Even if it's only my issues naked for all the world to see. ;)

For any of you disappointed in the lack of pictures needed for this Naked Monday, here's some photos I took today, that are my proof of spring......yaaaaay spring!

I had just picked up my lunch and was on my way home when I saw these trees. I just had to stop and take pictures. Pretty tree. Pretty, pretty tree, how happy I am to see you. Spring is here and I couldn't be more excited.

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  1. MP said...
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look of the blog..and you crack me up!!!! I can't believe you gave Noodles a test drive. OMG...
    When are we getting together w/ Bossy, is that the 20th? How about Noodles on Monday the 14th.. I know I have to go grocery shopping for mom and dad tonight then we have 3 nights of American Idol..then Saturday is Drew's First Communion..Monday would be good for me..what do you think?

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