Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It took me forever to figure out what to talk about this week and I finally settled on my hair. Sorting through old pictures to show you was fun and I found some that I had forgotten about. Scanning, cropping, editing.....it takes a ton of time, but it was worth it in the end. We'll go chronologically beginning with this pic of me and my Dad.....

I'm not happy about the 'stache

I put this one in 'cause that expression is priceless! Still blond.

6th Grade Christmas Play
Perm!!! The blond went away after the first big cut.

Senior Pictures
Grew my hair out for 4 years here
Pretty sure sun-in was responsible for the color

Senior Prom
the first and last time I had my hair curled like a barbie doll

Yes I wore this shirt and I still own it
I can't figure out when this was...at least a year after high school

19, I think
I wrote, produced, and directed a play for 6th graders. I have no idea how I thought I could do this, who let me, and how I pulled it off.
This is darker than my natural color, I dyed it black at some point.
the curl is all me

A couple of years after high school
21? 22?
It was taken in my best friend's dorm room at Murray University

I'm sure my boyfriend at the time said some smart ass thing, because I'm threatening him with a fabric cutter. That sucker is sharp.

The shortest my hair has been..I hated this cut at the time, but I kind of like it now.

It was BRIGHT red for a while and then I bleached it. Then, it was orange. This is how I feel about it.

with professional help...the hair kind anyway
holding my nephew, Hayden

a month ago

I'm back to brown again and growing it out again...hair is...well, it grows..it changes....we shape it or it shapes us...it's hard to tell some days. ;) So there I am...Naked..at least a small part of me.


  1. MP said...
    The one w/ you and Hayden..I think that is my favorite.. it's sassy..(said w/ my gay lisp)(meant in a non homophob way)

    Love the picture w/ you and daddy..TOO CUTE!!

    I think I need a hair change but I don't know what to do..or not do..
    Sandy said...
    It's amazing how easily hair changes yet how it defines us.
    Heather said...
    Where's the big, hair-sprayed 80s hair? No rock band hair for you?

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