Monday, June 23, 2008

Mrs. Flinger has a weekly post on Mondays called Brutally Honest Monday where she asks for the honest opinions of her readers. Last week she was talking about BlogHer and she confessed that she had been offering to lick various bloggers that she loves, and she asked that we identify ourselves on our blogs in a way that makes the licking at BlogHer go much easier. (After all, we wouldn't want to just go up to a STRANGER and LICK them, would we?! Hee. Ok, enough wine and I'll be joining her, no lie.) So, I thought this would be a perfect Naked Monday for all the new readers, especially those who haven't commented yet and those who I will soon be meeting in person. You do it, too! So, without further adieu, here are some parts of me and a couple of things I will be carrying that will make me more recognizable at BlogHer!

My face...very important for the recognizing
This is without makeup and with dirty hair, so if you are staying in the hostel, this may help ;)

mah bewbs...hopefully this will be all you see of them, but Redneck Mommy is going and I can't promise anything ;)

Shoes are very important
These are for the parties

These are for being a tourist

These are comfy for the conference and the planes

This is my new laptop bag that I'll be schlepping around with me

These are my blog cards that I will be handing out, with my email and url

If you are going, too, help us visual girls out so we can find you at the conference, I want to meet everyone. And when you meet me I'll say, "Hi! I'm Bri from St. Louis, and I get Naked on my blog every Monday!"


  1. Sarah said...
    oooooh sexy black shoes!
    Gregg said...
    GOOD LORD! You know there are probably a few blogger guys (and non-blogger guys) that come here! I guess one should be prepared for a naked Monday post, though.

    I like the cards, btw, those turned out nice.
    Mrs. Flinger said...
    Oh, I'm so happy you did this! First, you have the CUTEST shoes EVAH. 2. And bewbs. 3. And business cards. Which reminds me. I guess I should get some of those, hu?

    And SLURP. Consider yerself licked. XOXO
    Anonymous said...
    If you recall on our bloggy night w/ Bossy Tempered Woman licked me..or did I lick her? I forget.

    Licking is good..a little salty but good and if you lick in the right place you have a party..OK I won't go there.

    I'm still jelous..your cards look GREAT.. are you going to that Atomic Cowboy thing Saturday?
    Anonymous said...
    Hi fellow St. Louiser. I'll be at Blogher too. CanNOT wait.

    Hey, where did you get that laptop bag? Love it! And I want those sandals...
    Jan said...
    I'll be at blogher too and if some old lady knocks you down and steals those sandals...ummm, that would be me.
    Kaylen said...
    Pretty shoesies! I wish I could go to BlogHer. Have fun for all us St. Louisians who couldn't make it out!
    Velveteen Mind- Megan said...
    In case you ever wonder how effective those business cards are, when I see you on twitter, I see your cards in my mind. They are fabulous.

    And I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but I grew up just east of St. Louis in Sparta, Illinois, so I love those cards even more.

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