Friday, June 20, 2008

BlogHer update!!
I have the clothes situation under control, now if I would just do laundry. (le sigh) I have a rolling Jeep duffle for checked luggage, and I found the cutest laptop bag at Walmart of all places (I know, right?), and I think if I put the camera bag and my purse "necessities" in a tote bag, that will count as my purse, the laptop bag will be carry-on. I bought a few 3oz bottles for shampoo and shower gel and I have a guidebook on San Francisco. Conference is booked, bed at the hostel is reserved, the only thing I don't have booked at this point is my airfare, still working out some logistics. My blogging friend, Raquita, offered to let me borrow her old DSLR for BlogHer. How cool is that?! I played around with it yesterday, taking pictures of graffiti. Still working out what it can do, it's been a long time since I had my grubby little hands on an SLR, the last one was a film camera. Manual focus rocks my world. So. not. kidding. Before I take my happy ass to bed, here's a couple of the shots I took today, the rest are on flickr.


  1. Gregg said...
    Those are some great photos! These days, I'm hardly ever without a camera. It seems like I'm getting photo ideas from everywhere.

    Also, how cool is Raquita to let you borrow an SLR?
    Anonymous said...
    You know I am so so so so jealous so I will live THROUGH you this trip.

    Pics are awesome. Where are those tracks and graph?
    KBO said...
    What hostel are you staying in?
    Raquita said...
    Clicky goodness...
    Enjoy missy!!
    almostgotit said...
    Ah, a camera. I've been blogging for months without my own, laboriously looking for images on Flickr instead and figuring out the best way to give proper credit for them (I'm a fiendish prude re plagiarism)... all that time I thought my camera was broken, when it turns out the only problem was that my rechargeable batteries were kaput. I'm in HEAVEN again!!
    Bri said...
    Gregg- Considering we have emailed but only met in person ONCE and she is letting me take her camera across the country, I would say she's pretty damn cool!

    MP- the pics were taken around Troy, IL, where my friend Sarah lives. There are several of those under passes for train tracks in the middle of no where

    kbo- I am staying at the San Francisco Downtown Hostel. It's less than a block from the Westin, where BlogHer is being held. I wouldn't have known about this option if they hadn't posted about it on the site, so that really made the trip possible for me. $24/night!

    Raquita- I will! thanks again!!

    almostgotit- That is such a ME thing to do! lol! Yay for camera heaven!
    Missy said...
    Great pics! And I'm glad other people are obsessing about BlogHer as well. Clothes and camera - I think you're all set!

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