Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I hate Facebook. As social media goes, it's not very...social. But you have to have a profile for all those people who hate Myspace and wouldn't know a blog if it smacked them in the face. (And can someone explain to me why a person from high school that you never talked to IN high school or since would seek you out and friend you? I have no idea either.) I hate all the notifications and applications and the superpokes and the zombie requests.....shoot me now. BUT. (You knew there was a but coming, didn't you?) I am addicted to the Pieces of Flair application. It's a real time suck and I'll spend hours quite some time looking at silly buttons and sending them on to unsuspecting friends. Here are some of my favorites:

april 18th earthquakebob steals my cookie   clean house broken computer

did u do something slutty i solemnly swear i believe you have my stapler 

lost thing knights who say ni liver must be punished 

not pennys boat note to self parts of me are awesome 

worlds hottest bookworm stupid boy penisesmr darcy



  1. Anonymous said...
    I've received invitations to Facebook...I will NOT join...you made me start twittering and now I'm addicted. You are a bad influence on me Bri. I will NOT NOT look at your facebook buttons.
    Gregg said...
    I love buttons! We were just browsing some great ones at Jonnie Brocks (sp?) the other day.

    Still, I'll leave facebook for my wife. Twitter is enough to mess with...well, and the blog, of course.
    Leah said...
    I love that application too! I perosnally do not have one, but I love to read the funny ones that others have. I got a wee bit obsessed with the wicked bumper sticker application too, and sending them to my sisters and best buds. There are some gorgeous and funny ones for sure.
    Slice of Pink said...
    LOVE that application! It is so addicting.

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