Monday, August 18, 2008

This is Dan. He is currently in Afghanistan. He's deployed with the Army

sitting at Denny's something, I'm sure. (He told me about it but there were acronyms involved and I can never remember that shit.) He's also a giant pain in the ass. By giant, I mean he's really tall. And by pain in the ass I mean...he's a pain in the ass. A lovable ass, but still....

shaving his head You may be wondering right now what Dan has to do with Naked Mondays. That is a very good question and here's the answer. I don't talk about relationships, but I had a wild hair last week and decided to start. The Naked part comes in when you consider HOW we became best friends.

Dan and I dated for a bit. Well, ok, we started out with a friends with benefits arrangement and when he pushed for more, I went along with it rather than run the other direction, which is my normal M.O. He was home from basic training and spent most of his weekends holed up with me in my apartment where he marveled at my ability to wander around naked without a care. (Heh. I'm like Redneck Mommy in that.) I was surprised. I mean he lived with a girl for a few months. I'm not alone there, right? Help me out ladies! When we weren't making fun of each other, we went to the zoo and drove to his hometown of Chicago for the weekend. (He only complained a little when I conned him into spending an afternoon at IKEA.)

But. Anyway, it didn't take long before I realized I had made a mistake and we were better off as friends. Lucky for me, he agreed and after a little time for adjustment and getting drunk together at his brother's wedding, we've been best friends ever since. I can tell this guy ANYTHING, and pretty much have. He's seen me at my absolute worst, held my hand while I ugly cried, and even took care of me when I was sick. I helped him build up his confidence after it had been smothered by a girl, held his hand as he struggled with big decisions and told him point blank when he was being an ass. He's my best friend. The ass.

He would want me to tell you that he's quite the lady's man, but he's married to the love of his life and it tickles me to see him so happy. He would also want you to know that he's proud of the work he is doing, but he's really looking forward to being home again. He'll be home next month sometime for mid-tour leave and I can't wait to see him safe, at least for a little while.

So there I am, Naked. Well, at least my relationships are laid out for the internets to see. ;)

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  1. Anonymous said...
    You are really getting all out there and naked and shit.. Oh and by the way. I don't walk around naked...only from the bedroom to the bathroom or visa versa.. you like a nudie?

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