Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I dated a guy a few years ago that I'm pretty sure was gay. He didn't know and I didn't want to think about it, becuz by date, I mean that we had a friends with benefits arrangement. Those things never work, eventually someone becomes dissatisfied with the status quo, though that person has never been me. (for my next Naked Monday, I'll tell you about the ONLY time one of those arrangements fell apart on me, but worked out better in the end than it should have) Anyway, he decided he wanted to be my boyfriend and I decided we needed to break it off. Now, of course, I realize that I probably dated him BECAUSE I suspected he was gay. Healthy, I know. ;)
Oh well, live and learn, right? This is an excerpt from a conversation with a friend about the situation last night.

Her: I TOLD you he was gay, you just got mad at me.

Me: Well, when you're sleeping with a guy, the last thing you want to hear is that he's gay!

Her: True.

Me: Thank god he decided he wanted to be my boyfriend so that I could break it off with him, otherwise I might have stayed with him even longer.

Her: Yeah, because it's perfectly ok to have sex with a guy that might be gay, but you can't very well DATE him!

Me: Exactly.

Her: There is something seriously wrong with you.


  1. Gregg said...
    Almost every day, you remind me all over again why I read your blog!
    Tim said...
    Question. Being a bisexual male I wonder if this guy was bisexual if that would have bothered you the same.

    Reason I ask is I have had relationships with both sexs. Serious and "friends with benefits" I am monogamous when I have a sex with someone in both situations regardless of the relationships status.

    The problem I have is when either sex male or female finds out that I am bi they seem to back away if not run. I also don't hide the bi factor. Its just that previous relationships are not high on the list of subject of conversation in the early stages of relationships. I tend lean toward women and they seem to handle this issue the worst.

    I can understand your situation of being with someone that is questioning his sexuality or is interested in the other sex. It make you feel confused and wondering why me?

    Sorry I know this isn't a dear Abby and the comments is an inappropriate place for this.
    Anonymous said...
    One of my "I think this might be the one" boyfriends was gay..but he didn't know he was gay. I figured it out after things became physical...cause all he wanted to do was kiss and feel my boobs..really.
    So I kept him around and just cheated on him..nice, I know. So he moves away to NYC and falls in love. He was SO nervous telling me when he came home for I told HIM that he was gay before he told me..and we both laughed.
    2 boyfriends later and he met "the one" moved to Florida..they have been together at least 15 years.

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