Friday, September 19, 2008

We are starting something new at our channel of Blissfully Domestic, Photo Bliss. Every Friday, there will be a funny photo and a call for participation. Post a funny photo on your own blog and link that post to the post on Photo Bliss. Every week, someone will win a prize! Instructions and buttons are here and have fun!

funny photo friday

Here's mine this week from Tuesday night bowling with friends (I think you're supposed to pick one, but I've never been one to follow the rules):

True Love

True Love

Is it over?
Is it Over?

You, my friend, are an ASS!

You, my friend, are an ASS!

Update!! Hmm, looking at the comments, maybe I should explain? Just before leaving the bowling alley, C asked Dan if she could bowl between his legs. Considering she had already accidently hit him with her purse, I can't really blame him for being a little...cautious. ;) The 2nd photo is right after and you can almost see the relief. The 3rd photo is me, my friend caught me making a face at Dan. I'm sure he made some smart ass comment. ;) We're all a bunch of goofballs, which is why we get along so well. ;)


  1. Rebecca said...
    Heh... :)
    Wendy said...
    A man's always has to protect just never know:) LOL!
    corina said...
    An excuse to grope himself in public?
    MLP (aka Secret Agent Mama) said...
    Oh how funny!! :D
    Sarcastic Mom said...
    Post as many as you like, Bri! :-)

    Looks like you all had fun. You're adorable, even making oogy faces!
    Walking With Scissors said...
    That's a man for you! You'd think those things were made of solid gold or something. Actually, if that were true, he wouldn't need to protect them. So nevermind.
    Gattina said...
    Hahaha ! that's funny !

    BTW I just realize it's your last week's entry, here it is already friday morning 3rd Ocotber, lol !

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