Sunday, November 23, 2008

True Story

So, as anyone with any sort of customer service experience knows, you are required to ask every customer how they are doing. For the most part, unless it DIRECTLY has to do with your job, you don't care, no matter how nice of a person you are. It's just something you say, to be polite, over and over and over and over again until you forget that sometimes, people think you're serious. This happened to me the other day and it is too delicious not to share.

I was having one of my usual days of boring monotony of "Hello, theres" and "How are you todays" when a young girl brought a long sleeved t-shirt to my register and in response to my only trying to be polite and fulfill my duties question replied, "Not so good, really, my boyfriend cheated on me last night." I, of course, snorted out a laugh. When I had myself under control again, I asked her if she was for real, or if she was just messing with me cuz I'm sensitive like that. ;) She assured me that she was for real, and actually her friend and her were both cheated on, on the same night. They were buying the t-shirts to decorate for school the next day with the words, "No, it is not OK!" lol

I assured myself that the boyfriends were now ex-boyfriends and wished them a better day today than yesterday.

"Oh! And may they both be hit by a bus!!"


(Well, at least I gave them a laugh. lol)


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