Monday, November 17, 2008

It's so funny to me to say that phrase. All the silly adolescent fantasies of the rock and roll boyfriend that now make me roll my eyes with embarrassment. It's ridiculous the things we think are cool way back when. Now, when I actually get to say it out loud, I felt like an idiot. ;) I was sitting on a barstool and a guy asked me what I was doing there, alone in a bar and out it came. "I'm with the band." Inside my head, I'm giggling as I explain to total strangers why that is so funny to me. Then, of course, I'm trying to quietly and unobtrusively listen to the music, when the band raises their glasses to toast my Saturday off work. As the room's eyes switch to me (ok, so maybe it only felt like it) I'm sure my face turned ten shades of red. (Thanks guys!) As I listened to music and sipped my spiked cider, I was also wishing I had an ink pen, for I was once again itching to record my surroundings here, in this place. ;)

There was the couple to my right, who lived next door and were shocked to see a man taking photos of two very naked women in another apartment across the street. Apparently, they stumbled onto porn production in our fair city. If that wasn't enough, a guy at the table to my left was shouting about republicans in strip clubs. (Nope. No idea what that was about.)

I dedicated my Saturday to being as lazy as humanly possible with T. (The guy with the cute dog now has a letter, he's moving up in the world. lol) We watched TV and cooked dinner and....that's pretty much it. I succeeded at my goal. ;) Oh, I did finish a new hat that I was knitting, so, you know, there's that. lol

Sunday, I spent chasing down a pair of shoes I wanted and making the changes you can see here. I'm still working out the bugs and fitting in all the bits of things I had before, bear with me, even starting with a ready made template I still made changes that I had to figure out as I went. Which means, I was working on it all afternoon and evening and I'm still not satisfied. There's an "about me" that's new and I updated the Naked Monday page to include all the posts.

Ok, that's all for now, I have work in the morning and should already be in bed. ;)


  1. Anonymous said...
    Pretty..didn't even look like Blogger.. I likey.

    Porn, in the city? No, say it ain't so?!!
    KBO said...
    Wow. That's Blogger?

    I was once that girl with the band. It was a random, post-college thing. I ended up traveling from Iowa to KC to see the band (and visit two other friends). My two guy friends I took to see the band (my first time to see them) were like, "Um, no, you cannot date a microphone twirler". When said band guy told me he was turning down a good job because "music was his career", I hit the bricks.

    Hopefully, your dude is not a microphone twirler/manpri wearer.
    Sarah said...
    they are right the page looks awesome and definitely doesnt look like blogger! you did good work! :) and yes i think you are a dork for your "I'm with the band" moment. hehe muah! love ya!

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