Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Monday and we all know what that means! It's Naked Mondays! Whoooo! ;) Continuing on the summer theme from last week, let's talk about skirts. I love skirts, mostly because they're not pants. You may remember my issues with pants from a former Naked Monday, well this isn't a new problem and until I started my love affair with the belt, I solved it by buying lots of skirts and dresses. Did I say I love skirts? Cuz, I do.;)

Most of the skirts and dresses I buy are about knee length and a-line. Why? Both will hide a multitude of sins, big butt, thick thighs, chubby knees.... been there, done that for all of them.

This is an example of what I was saying...right at knee length, a-line, this one is a-line from the ribs...not quite baby doll, more high waisted.

(I know, I know, everyone hates baby doll, but I like them if they fit right. For some reason, they're flattering on me.) Anyway, the length hits right at the point that shows off the best part of my legs. My calves, or the part that most resembles a chicken. ;) Now, the next picture will show a skirt that may not be everyone's idea of leg happiness, but they came in to my store and my girl, K, talked me into buying one. She says if I still look like a 22 year old, there's no reason why I can't still dress like one. I figured, hell, why not, if it fits. She waited until I had decided to buy it to tell me she wished she had thick legs like me. I, of course, burst into hysterical giggles, cuz that's not how you give a girl confidence in her appearance, but she was totally serious. (sigh) So, without further adieu, me in a miniskirt.

So, there I am, Naked, at least a small part of me. (Ok, not so small, most of my height is legs, so this is, like, half of get the idea.)

So, now I'm curious how many of you like skirts. How many of you wear them all the time? And guys, how do you feel about skirts? Yea or nay? Until next time, enjoy the weather! (Unless you live in St. Louis, then feel free to curse the weathermen or whatever. 60's one day then high 80's the next? Freaking weather! Gah!)

Note: I have Naked Mondays items in my cafepress store, which you can find the link to in the top, left hand corner.


  1. Mike said...
    Skirts are ok with this guy! :-)
    Jason said...
    Good idea for a weekly post!!! (The word naked always attracts readers.)

    Thanks for being obedient to Queen Bossy. I'm glad you checked out my story and The Jason Show. I like your blog and I've gotcha book marked already.

    By the way...I would wear skirts if I could get away with it. They just seem sooo comfortable. Especially in the summer.
    Simon said...
    Skirts = yay.
    Tempered Woman said...
    hmm, kind of creeped out that all of your naked monday comments are from guys...
    I think the mini makes you look like you got long legs. And yes, you look cute in it. Now me, I prefer to wear skirts pulled all the way up to "the girls" and reaching down to about my ankles. It is def the most flattering for my body shape, heh
    Anonymous said...
    You could wear anything you want and I hate you for that :-)

    I prefer above or below knee..back in the day I liked the ankle length too but I think they are out of style again.

    ps..I have no clue how you sit in those minis
    BOSSY said...
    Bossy loves skirts but they don't love her (or specifically her varicose veins) back.

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