Monday, September 29, 2008

Heh. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Pervs. (And can someone explain why I always want to spell magic with a J?)

As promised, I'm going to show you my kitchen. Brace yourselves.


My stove...EXCITING! The white counter type thing next to the stove I made myself...which is why it wobbles. I would never make it as a carpenter, basically. ;) Yes, that is a grill pan, which I LOVE. The kitchen doodads, including the magnetic knife thingy, I bought at IKEA, of course. This is my attempt at's the other.


Spices, salt and pepper shakers, my cute little diner sugar dispenser, and more spoons. SPOOONS!! Yeah...I don't know either. ;)

So, this is why I have to be sort of organized...


Cause these are the only cabinets I have, aaannnnd a sink full of dishes. You do remember THIS post, don't you? Messy. I hate doing dishes. Ugh. But, the point is, there are 2 tiny bits of counter top and that's it. Which would be great if I didn't, you know, cook. So, the wobbly counter bit is born. ;)

Ok, look away from the dishes. Look in my fridge. Come on...stop looking already, geesh!


Fascinating isn't it? Geesh, I should throw out that pizza box. I can see bacon and icing, cream cheese, butter, eggs, cheese, sliced ham, and some left over chicken, which now that I think about it, should be thrown out too. Ok, another angle.


Um, bacon grease, garlic, spaghetti sauce, chicken broth, bbq sauce, catalina dressing, which is a really excellent marinade for chicken....basically I need to go to the grocery store, I'm out of milk and juice and potatoes.

I'm feeling really naked now, I hope you're happy. ;) So share, what's in your fridge? What's your favorite thing in your kitchen? (LOVE that grill pan!)


  1. Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...
    I feel your pain on the kitchen. I have the same amount of counter space but I at least have the dryer in there to prepare on... it sucks...

    and i my fridge is equally in need of being cleaned out...
    Nathan said...
    Oh dear god... The stuff... The piles of... Oh dear god!
    Anonymous said...
    Yeah..that is PRETTY darn naked
    Biddy said... don't EEEEEVEN want to see my kitchen right now. i'm thinking about blowing it up and just starting over...

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