Friday, November 7, 2008

Like I said before, I was invited to a costume house party by a couple that I knew vaguely from the bar I visit occasionally. I wasn't sure that there would be anyone there that I knew at the party other than the hosts, nor did I know how big the party would be. (Would I be standing around trying to look comfortable with the fact that no one was talking to me? These are the things that I think about.) I had another engagement later that I didn't want to show up too early for, because I was, again, going alone. (Timing is everything, people! lol) Everything worked out in the end, I called just before leaving my apartment to get directions, (right down the street! Score!) the party ended up being smaller than I expected and filled with interesting people to chat with, though at one point, I thought about telling one guy that just because I expressed interest in his costume did not mean that I was flirting with him. (It's just friendly conversation dude! Chill!) But, all in all, I had a great time and I was actually bummed to leave. I made my goodbyes and thank yous and headed downtown for my next stop...which I've run out of time to write about. ;)

to be continued and stuff


  1. Nathan said...
    Um... Did you say something about 30 post in 30 days? Were the days going to be consecutive? I kind of thought that is how it was supposed to work :)
    Anonymous said...
    I was just going to say that!!!

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