Saturday, March 7, 2009

  • I went to Novaks again last night. I tried to explain to Will about how a lesbian bar and say a bar on the landing are a completely difference experience for a girl and so next week we are going to attempt a little social experiment to prove my point.;)


  • The weather has been amazing the last few days and I'm sorry to see it go again, I can't wait for spring to truly get here.


  • I'm finding myself more and more annoyed by the ex-boyfriend, though I'm trying really hard to bite my tongue so I don't ruin him even more for the next girl. I'm afraid that anything I say at this point would just be mean rather than helpful.


  • I'm being promoted at work, but I'm not supposed to know and have to act surprised when it happens. ;) The new position is full time, more creative and should give me most weekends off. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan.


  • I went to a craft fair today and bought a pair of earrings from a glass artist. She was explaining to me the process and I think I can make them myself, so I'll have to dig my supplies out of the basement soon and give it a try.


  • Though something else is going on, I've written and deleted several sentences to say that I have no idea what that something is or if it is a something at all and rather than be upset, I'm mostly amused and curious to see what happens next. How's that for cryptic?

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  1. Anonymous said...
    bullets are cool..

    i know what you mean about the boy..guys don't understand when it's helpful information...

    yeah on the promotion

    I used to hang out at Novaks before it was a Lesbian bar..and I also have spent time at a drunken stuper after hours of doing shots I informed the entire bar that i sucked co&*s and wasn't a lilly licker.. I'm classy like that.
    (I have always had friends that were "family")

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